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Dental For Everybody Chirnside Park is situated at Chirnside Park Homemaker Centre with ample car parking. It is located within its sister medical clinic, Medical for Everybody Chirnside Park. The dentists work closely with the medical doctors to ensure your overall health is looked after. Upon arrival, please notify reception and the dental team will call you in when ready.

Whether you are in for a routine examination or for a specific problem, the team at Dental For Everybody will work together with you in going through treatment options and will endeavor to provide thorough dental care.

Bulk Billed For Eligible Children

It is important to maintain good dental health from a young age and build good habits for when your child grows up.

Children from age 2 to 17 years old may be eligible for free dental treatment under Medicare. Call us at 8727 0070 to find out more.

Digital Xrays

Dental xrays are important to assess for problems not readily seen which may have no symptoms. These may be cavities in between the teeth or beneath a filling, infection within the gums, tartar build up within the gums or other issues that may not be visible from the surface from visual examination. It is important to note that not all dental problems have symptoms.

At Dental For Everybody, we use digital xrays which have lower radiation. A protective lead apron is also available. If you have any concerns with xrays, please do not hesitate to discuss with our friendly dental team.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access is available at the clinic and the level of the dental chair in the clinic can be adjusted to help transition patients from wheelchair to the dental chair.

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